current exhibition:

Sonja Gangl
lemons are forever

Opening: Saturday, 2019/05/04, 1 p.m.
introduction by Dr. Walter Seidl (curator)
in context of aktuelle Kunst in Graz/Galerientage 2019

duration of the exhibition: May, 5th – July, 5th 2019

Sonja Gangl, Untitled#47, 2017, pencil on paper, 29,5 x 38 cm, size of the sheet 31,6 x 39,2 cm, courtesy Artelier Contemporary

In her drawings Sonja Gangl takes the still life into the 21st century by linking our whole consumer culture with the motif of the memento mori. From worshipping the "beautiful things" in nature it is only a small step to worshipping the "beautiful things" in culture. Just as the still life of earlier epochs commemorated the transience of all things mundane, Sonja Gangl's drawings remind us of the transience of all man made products – and in their technique of representing the way the old masters did, the drawings simultaneously celebrate art's pretension to be immortal.

(Sonja Gangl, „THIS IS STILL LIFE“, Texte von Hemma Schmutz und Robert Woelfl Wien 2017)

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